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Erring is Divine

“A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was human.” according to Alan Turing who is considered to be the father of the computer science discipline.  We are certainly heading in the direction of our technology embodying the human mind, whether it’s for good like advanced technology that becomes a body part for those who have had lost limbs or for those cases that are controversial like the use of facial recognition in law enforcement.

Fingerprinting has already been the most common biometric in a criminal justice setting, with there now being an increase in the use of facial recognition, iris scanning, palm printing, voice printing, identifying wrist veins and gait, and the collection of DNA.  Facial recognition uses computer algorithms that measures features like the distance between the eyes and the shape of the chin, and is then mathematically represented from previous data that was stored.  It would be through probability that one is identified, where false positives and false negatives are then generated but their rates of error not more reported.  Mistakenly forgetting an existing identity in the database with a false negative match would still be better than completely identifying someone else with a false positive match, where there has been errors in accuracy that just often stem from a bad photograph.  Facial Recognition is on shaky ground though with potentially violating the U.S’s First and Fourth Amendments.  Unknowingly ending up in a database while being present is a fear most have towards the government, and it has been found that minority populations, young people, and women were most affected by false positive matches.

We are in this technological realm together, and it is also to innovations from such organizations like Coapt that those who have otherwise lost part of their arms are now getting a second chance at living.  Tied in with an advanced surgical procedure known as “Targeted Muscle Reinnervation” this development seeks to be more intuitive to the patient by otherwise giving new life to muscles that were made useless during an amputation.  The target muscle of the affected arm is the base for control signals from the nerves that had previously controlled movements of the wrist, elbow, and hand, and is even the site of additional control signals.  It is gaining traction in being performed at most hospitals.

While there is the obvious trade off in the criminal justice world of our information being stored in a central database, it is still to be remembered that that this stored information could also save a life.  Technology can also impact us for the better though, where we see such examples as Coapt and TMR Surgery impacting those who deserve a second chance in living.  It could very well be that the computer would be the next human brain, and still have its human-ly errors.

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Going for Gold

February has been the month of the Winter Olympics that is taking place in PyeongChang, South Korea where it has been amazing to see athletes compete from around the world.  Their spirit and determination in competing transcends politics and whatever barriers there might be, and is what defines the human spirit.

Stepping into an unknown has to happen before any change can come about.  A figure skater, when stepping into the arena for the first time may or may not expect to fall plenty of times before getting better in professional skating.  Similarly, the same can be said of perfecting technological devices— in that there has to be the first inventor who would be developing a very new and primitive version of a product.  The earliest Apple computer was modeled and developed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976 and only included a functioning circuit board, where the power supply, display, keyboard, and a case was separate but necessary for it to work as a whole.  This invention would make life easier as a whole system could now remember and compute information more readily.

Apple’s development of software would progress since the 1970s where I had also used a later version of an Apple computer in the 1990s when to both write documents and to play games on.  With the recent emergence of Apple iPads and iPhones in the marketplace though, with them having a better picture quality, the old adage of “too much knowledge can be a dangerous thing” has also come back whether it’s attributed to the human or their machine.  Downhill skiing for gold, these Apple iPhones and iPads have been changing and updating in meeting the security needs of an unsafe world, where there is the constant threat of malicious hacking and identity theft from skilled software users.

“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well” according to Olympics founder Pierre de Coubertin, and in a way this also speaks to developing technology.  We are all in this complex network that both brings us together and that divides us, where ingenuity has met creativity on an international platform.  “Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window” said Steve Wozniak on his Apple computer development, and it is true that as users on an international platform that we can end up as digital winners.

Work Cited:

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The Good Men Project is Re-inventing Media on IndieGoGo!

Wanting to be more aware of men and their perspectives, I came across The Good Men Project by surfing the internet, and saw that GMP is truly the place to go in having an impactful conversation about the changing roles of men- and in the 21st century. I was then inspired to improve my own writing and storytelling abilities by being a weekly contributor. 

Its many contributors makes this site have a global reach, and because of there not being a barrier between writer and reader, this site is a "Participatory Media" resource where in depth conversation can happen. The editors of the Good Men Project are very supportive of their community of writers once someone is signed up to be a weekly contributor, and is ready to guide someone along into becoming a better writer. Their depth that also goes behind the material for each of their online classes is incredible! As a fellow community member of writers on Facebook, I am inspired by what I see, as other members share insightful and relevant articles that they have either written for The Good Men Project or elsewhere. We as members are wonderful as well with inspiring each other with what we come across. Along with having supportive and informative online classes, GMP has also recently branched out in creating Social Interest Groups that are live phone calls about difficult topics that people from anywhere in the world can join and get seated around a virtual campfire. 

Now in expanding these Social Interest Groups, The Good Men Project has launched their IndieGoGo campaign to really re-invent media and make the conversation bigger. Helping people process a rapidly changing world with information that can be too much and at the same time conflicting, as well as getting to the heart of a real issue is important at The Good Men Project!  

GMP's enthusiasm of this global conversation through these Social Interest Groups is exciting to me, and I am thrilled in supporting their efforts! I hope that you can join me in supporting this effort too by checking out their campaign at: where sharing and donating to the cause would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your consideration into this campaign!

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Hoping and Waiting

On a Beautiful Monday Afternoon I am sitting in the public library, an actual book within reach and a cover designed as a book holding my iPad staring back at me.

As usual, my mind is ablaze with thoughts and memories, but these thoughts and memories are in-coherent, and nothing to offer one whose spirits are down nor creative enough in painting a picture.  Turning my head to the left though, I see that the sky has turned darker and the clouds reflecting whatever sunlight would be left of the day.

It is Daylights Savings Time for the winter months in Western Massachusetts, and as a result it gets dark early, and in no time at all it will completely be dark outside.  The stars still shine brightly though, and there has been a full moon in the sky–in fact we are expecting the moon to be its closest to the earth after a long time!

Nature has stood by me in my highest of highs, and my lowest of lows.  Just because it has turned dark early doesn’t mean that I would go with the night, as the night time can be a dark mistress with either the mistress being wrought with evil from the unknown, or perhaps a force filled with adventure and imagination–harnessing the darkness in creative ways!

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An Impactful Impact

As I am finding my voice, and reflecting this “superpower”, I decided to have the powers that are within Google to give me a topic to reflect on.  It so happened that today’s “Google Doodle” was honoring Mr. Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, the Father of Microbiology.  Picking out a site of his then, I read through it, and EUREKA a connection emerged!

Having an interest in the sciences, I studied Microbiology and Biology–and just remember how much brainpower one would need in memorizing the many many facets of the natural world!  “Doctor” Leeuwenhoek discovered tiny organisms that encompassed the discipline of Microbiology, and had a genuine interest and curiosity doing so, though his education wasn’t formalized in the sciences.  He made over 500 microscopes by grinding lenses, with his interest peaking from curiosity, and then proceeded to use these instruments in observing what he saw.  Within his lifetime he discovered bacteria, sperm cells, blood cells, nematodes, rotifers–and so many more tiny organisms!  He was the one that observed tiny organisms in the mouth, that also reminded me of my biology class with one of our labs focusing on the bacteria that was found in the mouth!

“. . . my work, which I’ve done for a long time, was not pursued in order to gain the praise I now enjoy, but chiefly from a craving after knowledge, which I notice resides in me more than in most other men. And therewithal, whenever I found out anything remarkable, I have thought it my duty to put down my discovery on paper, so that all ingenious people might be informed thereof.”

This quote from Antony van Leeuwenhoek from a letter dated June 12, 1716 also highlights my own sense of curiosity and amazement of the natural world, and I would hope that being curious would be a good thing!

Many Thanks to the University of California at Berkeley: !

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On the theme of “Money”

First Presented at a Story Slam that was hosted by Wordxword at the Whitney Center for the Arts in Pittsfield, Massachusetts on July 10, 2016–and then modified even more afterwards!


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” according to Lao Tse, and I’m sure many others who have paraphrased and uttered this sentiment, and as I am reflecting on the theme of money I can’t help but remember my introduction of being away from home.  Not only was I going to an unfamiliar environment where immense freedom could be had-for it was college and one could drink, smoke, and get a tattoo to no end-but I was also going to be encountering new faces, ideas, and talents.

Of these new encounters six women and eight men from Jordan, four women and three men from India, six women from Belize, and so many more women and men from Cape Verde, Sudan, China, and Brazil entered into my life–along with those that lived in the United States.  Sharing meals and spending evenings listening to tunes from the Ud as well as going to Six Flags encapsulated the joy I felt with my Jordanian and Cape Verdean “Brothers and Sisters” during my first summer at college, and as time went on and learning more about these “cultural ambassadors”, I further was overjoyed.  I would come to learn about the beautiful island nation of Cape Verde as the majority of the campus body also came from there, as well as the reality of daily living in war torn areas.

Things though do have a beginning and an end, so the beginning was meeting these wonderful people–but they too had an ultimate goal of earning their Masters Degrees– and so the end is them accomplishing their missions in getting their Masters in Computer Science, English, Business, and Education and then going home.  My end to this story though is the closeness I felt with these people and the fact of my life becoming richer with being able to laugh, cry, and share in their company.  The Extreme Richness of Friendship began with that single step–and I still plan to walk a thousand more miles with the confidence of us being connected!






Friendship, IV

Words cannot tell
How deeply I’m under the spell
Of your love and friendship, and how we gel
Together, we’re items that sell!
My last installment of Friendship focuses on Friendships that are with people from the U.S of A and abroad. Starting with my last year of High School, going on to Berkshire Community College and Bridgewater State University, and beyond I have been very fortunate in expanding my friends circle by befriending people from everywhere!

My knowledge of the world expanded too as a result, so that I am more aware of my surroundings. I now love any and all societal tidbits, and I realize that we aren’t so different! As people, we are all rigid as well as flexible, and insecure to confident. Whether it’s struggling to remember “a very odd” name of a Jordanian friend to being able to openly share things with an American stranger to completely trusting Canadian strangers– I have had those opportunities to step out of my comfort zone!

Everything, including art, is a testament to the greatness of being together like what I saw at an Eastern European “Ethnic Festival” where traditional and modern artwork were being sold. Having been at many craft fairs, I have seen the vibrancy of each cultural item that is sold, from handmade Guatemalan Worry Dolls to African Drums. Music in fact is the other art where everyone is connected, and now moreso through social media like Facebook and Twitter, the fan and the musician have been connected even more. (at the mercy of a fan, the artist can also either thank social media or not!) Through this fan-artist partnership, one can also see which artist has been eaten up by stardom, and those that have a heart of gold. I am very happy to say that my favorite musicians of the past are still active, with one having their own radio show and inspiring us all by it! They have provided useful guides for bettering our lives–and as another result, more friends from here and afar for me!

My life has truly been blessed with all of the friendships I have made, and will continue to make! I continually wish these special people the best in life, and for those that are on a different continent– I hope to see you soon!

Life is too short, so why stint when interacting with others after all!!??


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Friendship, III

For Friendship, III I will be focusing on nature and things that aren’t human, which has also time and again proven to be as loyal to me as its human counterparts.

Growing up and Living in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, I have come to love nature and have been enjoying it more from my many walks and from taking pictures, and even the coldness that defines the Berkshire Winters doesn’t stop my enjoyment of the beauty that Mother Nature has given us! I love the fact that I get to enjoy 4 Wondrous Seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall/Autumn, and Winter–where I don’t obviously complain about Summer because of the nice heat that comes from it, since I would rather be in heat than in cold!

I love her creatures as well, whether it is petting a dog to hearing birds sing in the trees, they have all made me “belong”! I learned to be strong and courageous from Nature’s ways from temporarily being separated from my group at a New York subway platform as I was just too polite so that someone in my group could go ahead of me! As a result, we both missed the train and hailed a taxi cab and met up with the rest of the crew moments later! Nature has also saved me from death, as I saw the light in a hospital bed as I once recovered from alcohol poisoning, and figured that from then on I had to respect and listen to my body. Even years later when I fractured my ankle, I was grateful to Nature as I was able to exactly know where I was in the woods to get help! The skill of patience that I also learned in academia helped me greatly too with healing, as it did take forever to heal!

Now I am bigger and bolder than ever, and of late, I have been less scared of ice–although I also shouldn’t push my luck as once I thought that I could walk across a small frozen pond!

I am grateful that Nature has been kind to me, just like her human counterpart!


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Friendship, II

Internalizing how much someone means to you exemplifies the perfect friendship, no matter how they look or are. It seems that within our lifetimes, people come and go without much appreciation for the other in between, and when they do appreciate it’s for an immediate reason. Such an instance has happened in my life, where I befriended an amazing guy–but then his amazingness was all in his looks and not much else! It was then after a few years that I saw that in every turn of us being friends that he was genuinely a friend! It’s a success story then from here on out since we now have been friends for seven years, and counting!

Being born into a Minority Group, I discovered-with his help- that I liked befriending and learning about people of other nationalities, and where suffice to say this friend in question hailed from Ukraine. In my never ending pursuit of finding out more about other cultures then, two of my weekends ended up being Eastern European and Balkan-ed themed, with a weekend surprisingly being that I would have two chance meetings with him! My friend immigrated to the United States in his early teens, and for one of our encounters I attended his Mom’s art show. Testifying to the following day’s “Ethnic Festival”, Eastern Europe and the Balkans (as well as other regions of the world) are both traditional and modern in their culture and societies, with his Mom reflecting the traditional aspect at her show. Known as either Hohloma or Khokhloma, this primarily Russian form of art that she specializes in is earthy in color and material, for nature-ly subjects are painted on wood.

My first impression of my Ukrainian Friend-Dude was that he was goofy, as he was never at a loss for projecting humor! His general warmth drew me towards him, and then-alas- it was the looks. He taught me strength and self-confidence like no one else had, as once at a team building activity he “left me stranded alone” at a balancing activity in which we had to walk on a log to the other side. He was most certainly there guiding me and my otherwise poor sense of balance but also intended that I should be centered, get balanced, and then get to the other side. When his turn came to cross, he was once again his silly self as he went forwards- backwards- and every which way, and then to the other side! Moments like this defined his caring self towards me (and to anyone else who saw it), and where he was truly my friend. By no means am I saying that he is my only friend that has ever single-handedly helped me in life, but that he is the first male friend that has done it all! I have after all had crushes on guys before my friend came onto the scene, but like mentioned before–they came and went without much thought! In carrying out my life then, I’m seeing that true happiness is a game of chance–that you could get happiness first, and good looks later!


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Friendship, I

In my time of self-reflecting, more than anything, I have appreciated the value of friendship, and that it’s a gift that is very strong, binding, and is to be taken fairly seriously. It is a great quality to be and to have a friend, and a great place marker in saying that you have actually lived and functioned in this lifetime! While I am confident that you all know what a friend is, and will thus find this bit kinda sorta boring, I hope that my Friendship Installments won’t be too too boring! Also in all my installments, I will not be naming anyone, so if you are wondering on identities–go ask the people I’m writing about!

I begin this bit with a friend that I pride in telling that I have grown up and went to grade school with. An immediate memory of her is that her name always conjured up birds because of her name also being a type of bird in North America! I know I wasn’t myself growing up, and thus, hadn’t really appreciated the fact that she was always my next door neighbor at every turn (and that we still literally live next to each other!). I was either selfish or simply inappropriate in our early escapades, with once remembering that on going to the local circus, I had gotten my way with riding an elephant instead of riding the camel that she wanted!

We indeed fluttered along our ways in school and in college, but then fate for me brought us back together more than ever at her Graduation Party. I had fractured my ankle that spring into summer, but had still wanted to be part of her momentous time! Her Mom and her, even though it was their day, still went more than out of their ways in accommodating me and it must have been through their good fortunes that I had a successful (but long and frustrating) recovery. Her Mom is truly wonderful and supportive of the both of us, and it is amazing that she has been able to provide for the both of them (and for me as the occasional dinner guest too). Suffice it to say that we have seen more of each other since the Party, and that we have been more than ever able to talk freely about life!

Maybe it just is those childhood friendships that makes the difference of the amount of love that we can show to others, for since then I have been able to live life in an open and refreshing way! We all appreciate nature, so on our walks in the outside air we have been able to enjoy each other’s company, and also for me to learn about local history! We have most of all been able to see each other, for which I have been quite happy with!


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Presenting, my mirth at finding a favorite past time of yesteryears-gone interactive!!

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Back In The Game!

After being away with contemplating, wondering, searching, and crying at what my next move would be–I can finally say that now I am sure at where I am going and what I need to do to get there!! I don’t want to say my plans out loud right now, but suffice to say that I am working in that positive direction. Along the way, I’ve had wonderful experiences that will help me, or has already helped me, in becoming a confident person!

One immediate joy I have found is the wonderful “app” or application called Instacollage, where you can digitally make collages, and then share with others (I have the free version though, but is still enough to work with!). I have had so much fun creating themed collages for friends and/or other people, and that I realize that I haven’t yet made my own personalized work of art! My method of creation for this is that I take what the friend either is to me, has told me, or what we have went through and through either outside images or our own collections of images create a picture that’s also a momento of the time or moment!

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On a cold and dreary night in hot August, I sit and ponder where my life has come to in my room. Years of difficulty, and strength coupled the strong determination that I had always shown in those trying times. “Don’t You Worry Child” by the Swedish House Mafia had just come on, and I stood still as I listened.

A couple of days later, I got out of the house and went to the local mall. Ever since college, I’ve had a real passion for shopping, furthermore getting things cheaper attracted me to this addictive vice even more. It was none other than “Don’t You Worry Child” that played in the background as I was in a store browsing, and I again paused and listened to this upbeat tune. Then “Let’s Go” by Calvin Harris and Ne-Yo followed, and though I also like this other clubby tune, I figured it was time “to go”!

I spent the rest of the time walking on the “Ashuwillticook Rail Trail” and ended up at the causeway with the beautiful Cheshire Lake on both sides! This trail stretches all the way to the town of North Adams, and from its starting point in Lanesborough goes for about twelve miles! The name Ashuwillticook is very local to this area by it describing the southern branch of the Hoosic River that is in this area, it is a Native American term that in conversation describes a pleasant river that is in between the hills.

So true is this name, for like the flowing river that is shaping my life, there are those surrounding hills that obstructs the river’s view from the ground. As I walked back, I saw that like a river wanting to make itself known by emptying into a lake, I would need to be above those obstructing hills–which I think I can do!

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Wisdom From a Tooth or Three!

So, it has been about three months since I have updated The Writing Mind, where in that time I felt more poetry than narrative, but Thanks to Trifecta here’s my response to one of its past challenges concerning the tooth. This prompt came out of one of its editor’s son losing his tooth, with its complement picture being a tooth in a police outfit– and while I liked the image, my sort of collage is better!
Glory to the tooth, that can either give us pleasure or pain as I look upon my third molars-or Wisdom Teeth- that I asked be preserved when I had to have them out.

I hadn’t asked to be knocked out during the procedure, so I felt everything–the yanking of each tooth, and even not feeling from extreme numbness. Seeing a friend before this process, and hearing about another friend going in as I was finishing definitely made the experience easier, and a reason I look back on in realizing that I needed to be awake. Though it is odd to go on about something so random as teeth being pulled, I would just say that the day, and the days after it, were not the best- but also not the worst. I have had worse events since that time seven years ago, but like my teeth that have maintained their whiteness and form, I have also kept myself sane and on that path to that better life.

Wisdom teeth can be fatal, and so too is life if not played carefully!


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I realize that true success in life depends on having self-confidence in three ways.  The first way is to love.  The second way is to love, and the third way is to love.

For this weekend’s Trifextra Challenge (, we wrote as Henry James, and drew from his quote in 33 words: “Three things in human life are important.  The first is to be kind.  The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.”


A Whole New World

mohammadali / Love Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

From atop a building, a new world appears as two people from different lives come together, sharing only a common heartbeat. As his head is down and hers is facing his, understanding happens.

~~For this week’s Trifextra’s Challenge, the above image was described in 33 words.



I am thankful that there are two spellings to everything, such as color and colour and realize and realise. I am thankful that in this crazy and chaotic world that there are many viewpoints and many roads to the one and same path.

To have such a pedantic knowledge makes me insane, for claiming that one is a specialist in a field does not make them a specialist in everything, let alone that field. Like the complexity of the human body, so too is the way to heal it—you can either heal naturally, or with medication, or with a combination of both with either more or less emphasis on healing naturally. Knowledge changes over time, so the real “learning” one can get is to change with the times, and to not be steadfast in old ways. We have come as creatures of nature, so although we don’t live in the wilderness and with less like most animals, we still need to adapt to our environments so Wallace’s famous words of “survival of the fittest” holds true. Like animals, humans are also smart, but not so smart in adapting to newer situations-new environments! I must say that the above is something I also need to learn, for I am also a human, but I can also confidently say that my skill of adapting has been better than it once was!

Lao Tzu once said “A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving” and I agree with this “acquired” wisdom. We must be open to change- to bend- to adapt to newer ideas and locations, for one does not know everything!


Influenced by Trifecta’s weekly challenge, the word for the week was “pedantic” which describes an unimaginative or pedestrian-like grasp of knowledge.

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Living as if we Died

For all the time that I had known myself, I knew that I stood out, that I was different. If people walked in one direction, I was sure to walk the other-that nothing seemed normal in my life that I had to take “the road less traveled”. I came to harness this energy in the best way that I ever could over time.

Lured by those designer labels, four of us shoplifted from the nearby mall one fine day. We were a pack, with two being the distractions and one helping the other steal, and we managed to get away with such stealth that we had the invitation to steal again. On our next shoplifting operation however, we were caught and had to suffer the consequences.

On another occasion, it was that ugly car that wasn’t mine that had to go. Its murky green color constantly glared at me through my wiindow, and not going far, I had the right to destroy it. Walking across the street with a crowbar, I let it have it with no regrets, and only when I was in custody had I felt slight remorse.

Finding myself doing “wrong” only intensified over time where I was not only bad but also mean to myself. My dependency on harmful substances only seemed to replenish my being– for no overdosing or car accident could kill me. If I had a soul left, I’d have felt bad on how I was living, but I just hadn’t. I was living this darkened existence, for better or for worse!

For the Scriptic prompt exchange this week, Jester Queen gave me this prompt: If I had any soul left, I’d have felt bad..

I gave Tara Roberts this prompt: The world is your stage, and I am a duck

*For the record, I have not vandalized a car, shoplifted, or used drugs–I am very happy in my life. What you saw here is just me being innocently dark!*

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Muddled Sky

It was one summer evening in June when I went outside on my deck to view the radiant sky, and I found the sight utterly unbelievable.  Like a Renaissance painting, the sky was alive with the mixture of pink, yellow, and orange with blue being the finishing touch in enhancing its vibrancy.  I was amazed, and took many photos, hoping always to always have a record of this evening.

Many hours passed where then all hell broke loose on this perfect summer evening in Massachusetts.  It began to rain, where only after a couple of seconds the rain was attacking the windows in an attempt to enter.  I was inside the house by this time, and settled on reading a novel in the living room.  Sheets of rain were coming down with no apparent end, and the house rattling.  Either this was the second episode to the mythical end of the world, or that there would be a bright rainbow at the end of this downpour, so I went back to reading.

It was only a few seconds later when the rain stopped and a lovely rainbow appearing in this muddled sky, with the world still being intact too!  As I was running to get the camera in capturing the rainbow, the rainbow suddenly vanished, leaving me with only a memory of its brightness. 

I still had the sky though!   

For the prompt exchange this week, Bewildered Bug at gave me this prompt: The rain was attacking the windows in an attempt to enter. and I gave FlamingNyx at this prompt: Looking into a mirror, she saw what she actually looked like.


Lightning Bug!

The timer is off, and I am here doing my first speed writing for The Lightning Bug!  I as of yet don’t know what I will fill this space with, but the time is ticking!  I guess I could write about my hopes and dreams, but I am finding that these wants are constantly shifting, like the time in a day.  What I could have hoped and dreamed for the morning has shifted to something else in the evening.  My love of history and the Discovery Channel led me to want to pursue Archaeology, but after many days and evenings, I found this area not suiting me.  Not all hope was lost on this front though, because now I am just studying “History” of which I am having luck with… so far!  I guess I could tell you my name, my beginnings—since it would not shift, but my story would be the same as yours.  Named Maya Bahl and raised in an Indian household, could be a story that you have heard many times.  Not having a traditional American childhood is not only common, but at the same time outlandish, for how could anyone be raised so differently?  I love to write, but isn’t that what the Lightning Bug community is here for?  Wow, 10 minutes is now up, and look how far I got!  Time flies when you write!

The Flicker of Inspiration from The Lightning and the Lightning Bug this week was to speed write for ten minutes.


Loving Wild

Harry knew that Sally had a problem, and wild with grief, he had to check her in.  The Smith Ward was the intensive care unit within their local hospital, and taking in the sights around him now, Harry felt nervous that Sally was in a place like this.  He knew Sally was normal, but others around him felt that there was something wrong. 

They fell for each other one summer evening out in the wilderness, as camp leaders they fell in love with the other’s passion and zest in keeping happiness and safety among the other campers.  Now with the flame to their fires growing stronger and stronger, Harry and Sally lied down together under the illuminating night sky one evening.  They were away from people and civilization for this night, and knew that they would always be there for the other no matter what, marking this night as the most special night of their relationship!    

Many years had passed where one day Sally appeared to be unstable.  On a trip to the store, others noticed Sally walking funny and her irrational conversation at checkout.  She had seen many faces behind the cashier, and she felt that someone followed her, even though no one was behind her.  Harry also noticed these strange behaviors later that day, but did not say anything.  He did not want to be separated from Sally, and was confident that as a couple, they would work through this, and their lives would soon be back to normal.      

Now with Sally checked in at the Smith ward, Harry lived on the edge of humanity.  Socially separated from everyone else, Harry’s only mission now was to visit Sally and maintain a sense of normalcy with her.  She was definitely not the same person he had met, from the many medications that she was on, but he still loved her and her once lively spirit. 

Harry continued to be with Sally though, and would be there until their last day. 

For the Trifecta Writing Challenge this week, the definition of “Wild” as either  “not being controlled” or “emotionally overcome” was used.



I get troubled by my own trouble of happiness, although feeling miserable is also troubling in itself. I am forced with this happiness to smile and laugh, and then to frown and cry when I get sad, with sadness naturally occurring from happiness. Living in this crazy world with opposites, and added with my own quest of seeking the truth, I get exhausted!

For the Trifecta Writing Challenge this week, the definition of “Trouble” as “An Instance” was used.


Lost Love

Emily was that face through the darkened window, with her face being one I could never forget. Sitting alone at the top of her house, her inexpressive eyes fixated on me as I would go past her house each day.

Everyone deemed Emily the “Crazy Lady” where I lived, and truth be told, she did seem a little off. Spring would turn to Fall and where short sleeved tops were replaced with with long sleeved tops but she remained, all season long, with the same long sleeved black collared frock. She followed everyone with her somber eyes, making those very uncomfortable to stay in front of her house for too long. Little children would bet on seeing who who could get the nearest to her front porch, and away they ran to find out. She lived on a hill with a long driveway with trees at the base covering the house from the other houses on the street. One day when the children got to the porch in their games, the front door was suddenly opened! Terrified at the sight, the boys ran for their lives from the house, with the front door slowly closing behind them. I would like to think that Emily was laughing behind that door.

There were many stories of the “Crazy Lady” circulating around town, with some being good and some bad. My favorite of these stories was how she fell in love with her employer named Ashley at an orphanage that they both worked at. Their shared love of helping children brought them together, and on many evenings were seen together around town, whether taking walks at sunset or dining out. Their love seemed unbreakable and pure, until one day when they broke up, and she leaving the orphanage. Distraught about losing his love, Ashley eventually changed ownership and left the orphanage and proceeded to isolate himself with living on the other end of town. No one knows for sure what the argument was about, but people said that it was due to the uncertainty of their future together. Emily was much older than he was, and that as a result would not be able to have children, while his past affair had kept surfacing throughout their relationship with his past lover following them at every turn. This sad break up seemed to even carry on to the present day, as there were reported sightings of Emily looking longingly at every man that crossed her house. Everyone as a result, became more wary of Emily and her potential harm to our community.
As a man, I understood the feelings that a man could feel for a woman, so I decided to seek out Emily’s lover and find out the truth, as now friends and myself had gotten spooked out by Emily’s stare and I wanted to put to rest all of the stories that people were making up about Emily’s loneliness. After some days, I finally found where Ashley was, and proceeded to his front door. His house was smaller and more rural than Emily’s, and surrounded by an open field with a short driveway. When I knocked on his front door, there was no answer, but after a little while when I was almost to my buggy the door suddenly opened. A man who had seen his years opened the door, with hollowed out looking eyes and a pale complexion. He allowed me to come in, and we proceeded to talk for sometime. He told me that he still loved Emily, and was wanting to know where she now lived.

“I am very happy that she is now living in a scenic part of the community!” Ashley exclaimed.

He told me of how Emily once lived in a poorer section of the town, and how her parents were not kind to her. Being the oldest, they made her work at an early age on the family farm to supply them with enough food and drink for the day. They constantly abused her with their words, making her flee one day from the farm and out into the world. He recounted her first day in the orphanage, seeing her strength and vigor prompted him to hire her as a helper and educator at the orphanage. He fondly remembered her good work ethic, and when he himself fell in love with her over a cup of tea and with the fire going during one winter day. He remembered her colored outfits that brightened their spring and summer months together, and missed those evenings under the bright stars. He truly loved her so, and contrary to what the town believed, had known that their marriage would last.

As I got up to leave for my home, he summoned me back with a secret that I would never reveal to the town about their failed relationship. It was a secret that, as a man, I knew would destroy any relationship.

“I never knew my preference, so knowing now that I was trapped in a woman’s body, I decided to turn myself into a man” was Ashley’s confession.

I now knew about Ashley and Emily’s relationship, and that Emily’s love story was not made up. I also knew that Emily had a reason to look at other men who crossed her yard, so when I later crossed her house, I met those same longing eyes. We proceeded to look at each other for a moment, and then finally no more as she slowly pulled the shade over her window.

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, dailyshorts challenged me with “You see a face through a darkened window.” and I challenged Michael with “‘To [You], With Love.'”

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Almost a month went by since my last post, and well, I need to blog more often! 

There were things that I learned within that month though, such as writing things down in not only helping me prepare for presentations, but to also keep alive any and all of the progressions I am making as a person.  It not only binds the inner core to spirit, but it also strengthens the individual so that they can be more confident when speaking in public.  Last Thursday I listened to an amazing psychologist/spiritualist/author named Mark Waldman, who also encouraged things to be written down.  With a simple question, he has found people to be more aware of themselves and to be more driven in attaining their goals in life.  His all worthy question should be reflected on during mornings and spanning ten days.  He also encouraged us to really hoan in on what instantly comes to mind!

If you expected me to give Waldman’s question in the last bit, congratulations on feeling impatient as I had when I had tuned in on Thursday!  Waldman truly dragged out everything but the question, so that one had to guess that the question had to be as random as: “Why did the chicken cross the road?” 

I end this post then with that question being our homework that is due indefinitely, and hope that our paths will begin from this moment on:

 What is your deepest innermost value?



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BSU, Blogfest #5

Tillinghast Hall, one of the original residential halls of Bridgewater State University!

  • BSU in the present and future!

Bridgewater State University in 2022 will be so technically advanced that I as a thirty four alum would not know where to begin!

I envision that classroom material will not only be all digitized, but also be made into a 3D format as movies are now!  There will be more residential halls and less green, but thankfully either the original structure of Woodward or Tillinghast Hall will be intact—but highly renovated.  Bridgewater’s beginnings as a womens’ teaching college will carry through the decades, and serve to be the greatest pride of the institution.  For Blogfest 2022, I suspect that the topics covered would be indefinite life spans, butchered remakes of classics, the rise in economy, aerial car travel, and clones. 

I would want the President of 2022 to know that Bridgewater State University has come a long way, and that its strong community is behind its development.  The care and support of its members permeated any negativity that has happened, and would continue to take steps in ensuring its greatness. 

Right now in 2012, President Dana Mohler-Faria has done a wonderful job of advancing BSU on a national and international scale from adding to the institution’s rich legacy of diversity with its study abroad/tour programs in six continents.  President Mohler-Faria has also awakened the town with newer degrees of scientific technology made with the construction of the new science building, as well as drawing in more students with newer parking lots and residential halls.  As a student though, I have felt a lack of communication among other administrative and departmental members, and would encourage that there be more of a connection between members of the campus, even if it just means knowing one’s first name and role.  I had come from a community college, and that is where my knowledge of a welcoming college community comes from and where I could be biased, but I also feel that we can all do better!  Navigating through some administrative offices once, I saw that not all administrative offices seemed to know the other office well, with the same happening between academic departments.  No one knows everything, even if they have a doctorate degree, to me being smart is having BOTH the academic and interpersonal credentials!

It has been a great experience to be part of Blogfest 2012 and hope to blog more often, whether BSU related or not!

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Race and Gender at BSU, Blogfest #4

As Sean, Kelsey, and Kirk shows: one should see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil!

  • Race, Gender, and Gender Identity: Where do you stand and what will you do about it?

As the daughter of Indian immigrants, I have learned that I am just as important as any other person, and that I am able to lead a rich life.  Growing up differently has not only been rewarding, but it has also given me a sense of deep appreciation towards those around me.

Being human means that you will be imperfect, but realizing your imperfection makes you into a better person.  There were moments in elementary school that I felt I was treated differently and was singled out from playing with my other peers, but that only taught me to not be judgmental of others where also as a result, I became more and more curious on life and its people.  I had a sheltered upbringing, so until my college years, I was not too familiar with other lifestyles that existed in American society.  College does not only make you book smart, it also can make you people smart from its diversity.  I first was fascinated with those that identified as transgendered, and found it very interesting that someone could discover one day that they instead identified as the opposite sex, and then could take measures into eventually becoming the other sex.  I also met peers who ranged from being homosexual to atheist to those from around the world, and through these meetings I see that these groups are the most perfect of humans—because of them realizing and going with their “imperfections”.

We bloggers are asked what we would commit to doing in promoting gender and racial equity, where my thirsty sponge of a mind can only continue to be more tolerant of these diverse crowds.  To be labeled different is very hard to live with, and what I have also lived with, so I do not want to add to the misery of labeling others as different!  We all are entitled for a place in society!

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Lessons Learned, Blogfest #3

As an aspiring student of the world, I have had friendships from all corners of the earth,  but I did not have a friend who was sitting right next to me all along!

While it is true that climbing your way up in academia is difficult and a journey that no one wants to take, having a great mentor beside you greatly eases the pressure of this hard climb.  Josh was one of those people, that in my time at BSU, has helped me to become confident both as a student and as a person.

If Josh wanted pushups, you gave him pushups.  It was during our archaeological field school in the summer where I was struggling with the work that Josh was able to raise my spirits.  Our class location was at another spot and generously helping me out with the rides there, we enjoyed each other’s company and found more similarities than differences, such as us having our birthday month being the same and our days being half apart.  Being from the sleepy Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts, I was unaccustomed to the crazy driving habits of some Bostonians, and would always hold my breath whenever he drove.  His crazy driving to me though said a lot about him, that he was confident and was able to stand on his two feet.  Being raised a princess with things being given to me, I did not work hard in getting what I wanted or to build up confidence.  I was always stubborn though, but for all the wrong reasons!

Especially during this semester, Josh has helped me grow as a person.  I have learned to smile and laugh even more and to not be afraid to speak in class, once I have thought out what I would say, an observation that he also found with his sister.  While I am a constant work in progress, I have found a new footing into becoming a better person and student from meeting Josh.  Our beginnings were kind of the same, with him coming from strong parents both in work ethic and character while my parents were strong in work ethic but not character, but different in how we were raised.  I do not think that it is only the responsibility of a “professional” teacher to teach and influence, but rather that we students also have the gift of teaching, but we just have to be open to it!  

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It Takes a Community, Blogfest #2

The town of Bridgewater on a good, sunny day!


  •  Thoughts reflecting Community

According to Wikipedia, community requires interaction whether it is a group of people in an area or in biology, between organisms in a populated environment.  While we should never find academic answers on Wikipedia, this “internet community” says it best!

Community is about successfully being together and bridging gaps, and is very much emphasized everywhere we go.  Whether we are the BCC or BSU community, we have to be more than one student, faculty and administration member, and an employee in one place.  Having that requirement is not enough though, for these members at large have special qualities that they bring, whether it be their race, religion, or gender.  The quantity and the attributes then make up this community, where then it is either the Berkshire Community College or the Bridgewater State University community.  The question now is whether BSU is truly a community? 

I think in an imperfect world like which we are living in, we cannot exist as a perfect community because of  its quantity.  The cliché of “too many cooks spoil the brew” is so true in any community, where the negative effect can turn towards hate crimes.  Not intending to keep the flame alive of BSU’s own hate incident regarding gender, we see that not everyone can support another lifestyle that exists in society.  Not wholly being a pessimist though, I also recognize the positive effects of being too many people in one place.  The swift action taken after the incident by the BSU community through its rally was amazing, with it being an extra hoorah for accepting other existences.  Though not directly relating to the BSU community, Kony 2012 is also a good and bad cause when handled by a community.  Many of us are against child soldiers and would sign on to the petition, but others could sign on solely for the interest in the oil reserves in Uganda.  Though it is good that we all do not think alike, it can also be bad!       

Community, deriving from the old French comunité and from Latin communitatem during the 14th Century originally implied that something was shared.  Our feelings and ways of life, once we share them, tend to reflect the same thing and makes up the various humanitarian and common interest groups around campus.  My involvement in a multicultural group brought me closer to my peers and friends, while promoting diversity within the greater Pittsfield, MA community.  We also do not have to belong to a group to share similarities and differences, our friends and others around us are our best teachers in making us belong to a community!

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Blogfest #1


The iconic landmark for Bridgewater State University!

Greetings One and All!  My name is Maya Bahl, and I will be blogging for your entertainment during Social Media Week at Bridgewater State University during March 19-23, 2012!

Blogging now for five years, I can say that the experience has been, and will be, very beneficial to my professional, social, and academic career.  I began February 2008 with a poetry space, since at the time I was also assisting in editing another college’s literary magazine as well as developing my own collection of poems that I enthusiastically wrote for pleasure.  I envisioned this new blog to reflect myself, so with a simple template on Google Blogger, I proceeded to add a thousand more gadgets to it.  I went into blogging knowing that I could either make a fool out of myself for the whole world to see or that I could get dinero from it.  With a specified picture slideshow from the web (“India”), a Japanese print of the day, a dual clock showing Massachusetts and India’s time, a Shakespearean Insult of the day, one of my pictures, and a classical music player—my audience and I were off to a great adventure! 

I was never in a journaling habit but I hoped to be more regulated with writing with a blog, and today at the very least, my blog has been updated with newer gadgets.  I still need to work on being regular with posting, but a helpful way that made me consistently blog is having prompts.  I constantly need focus in my life so blogging with a topic has helped me, and could help you, blog often and get your writing more focused.  Writing within reason on the web is very valuable in this digital world where everyone is connected because it gives you a chance to self-promote yourself, whether you want to be a professional writer or not.  Building an online profile on career oriented sites like LinkedIn or simply tweeting on twitter would convince those who are constantly looking for potentials either on the job market or socially that you are a good candidate for them, because your writing is the truest reflection of yourself.  Writing through blogs can also help you shy folks out there to break out of your shell, like it also had done for me!    

I am looking forward to blogging for the week, and hope that you will also join me in your own journeys of self-promotion!


Social Media Week

Bridgewater State University will be designating March 19-23, 2012 as a Social Media Week, which is an  already international event that recognizes the importance of being digital.  I am having the opportunity in participating in its “BlogFest” where others and I will blog for a week on specified topics relating to the campus, so be on the lookout for I will be blogging sooner than you think on “The Writing Mind”!

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The Face of One Man

You were once so loved. Your genuine caring for others is what attracted me to you, but I fear time has eroded you now.  Your youthful eyes have turned bloodshot and your face is creased with hardness.  What was once a strong foundation is now a distant memory.

You were once so loved. Now that love has turned to hate, since you stripped my dignity and innocence away from me with your love of alcohol.  That box you said you felt trapped in has only turned you into a pathetic creature looking for sympathy. You would turn away any sort of kindness, and instead direct it towards hurting the other person, like you had been hurt before.

You loved alcohol more than me, and for a while I understood and was kind to you, but I fear that I am now no longer the same woman.  My name is tarnished with your ways and with other women, and now I know that I would not be able to trust anyone else without fearing that I could get hurt.

You claimed that you were royalty, but from what end of the royal line, the top or the bottom?  Your brother had put you away, fearing that you were harmful, but was he actually right?  Were you actually shut away because you tried to kill your own brother, or yourself?  As your girlfriend and case worker, I felt an obligation to see you through rough times, but I was wrong about helping you.  Being born in privilege does not always mean that you can get the royal treatment.  

I was attracted to the man in the iron mask, but the historical account of it is much better than yours!  Your alcohol and your women got the best of you, and worked their magic of shaping you into a horrible monster.

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Mandy challenged me with “The man with no face” and I challenged Lisa with “The Marriage of Figaro”.

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Healthy Living

As the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve, I became a changed woman.

For the year 2012, I resolved to not eat so much junk food.  The added weight that I gained from all the potato chips and chocolate started to interfere with my normal functioning, and I became irritated that I was so lazy.  I would often look out the window to see others playing, walking, or simply enjoying the outside air. 

I could not live a sedentary life, so after the Christmas cookies and fudge, I sought out a weight loss option.  After spending hours on the internet, I finally found a gym that was reasonably priced, seemingly non-judgmental, and near where I lived.  Upon my arrival at the gym the day after Christmas, I was surprised and glad to see that people with a wide range of body types were there.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw some really muscular people and got nervous, but then I noticed that they went on with their business and were not judgmental of those who were not as well-defined.  Young and old, obese and skinny, they all worked out together with a wide variety of people working out with trainers too.

My first official workout was on December 27. My trainer showed me basic floor routines such as hands to toes, crunches, and other exercises to get me warmed up.  After the floor work, she introduced me to the machines used to isolate the many muscle groups of the body.  She recommended 8-12 repetitions on each of the machines, emphasizing that I needed to take breaks that were as long as my workout time.  I was not to blow through any of the three attempts I made on these machines but to really go slowly and work to strengthen each muscle.  After the machines, I could go for a minimum of ten minutes on either the stationary bike or the treadmill to both improve my health and relax from the whole workout.

Four days later, I could feel a change from the gym and I began to embrace a healthier lifestyle.  From looking around the room and working with my trainer, I felt welcomed into a world I once thought was cruel to fat individuals like myself. I think that now I will not feel out of place anymore!


For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, RegiMac challenged me with “INTROSPECTION: New Years resolutions require introspection. Do some scratching below the surface and identify the current fear you are facing.” and I challenged Lisa with “It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times!”.


The Wonders of History

By: Norman Rockwell

One fall evening, Candyce Morce dined with friends after spending the entire day touring the area near where she lived. They went to many historical places and had a Rockwellian moment when they were given the opportunity to have a picture taken with one of Norman Rockwell’s actual models at his museum in Stockbridge. The friends ended their day by going somewhere for dinner, and the restaurant of their choosing was non-vegetarian. Candyce was a vegetarian, however, and was stuck with nothing vegetarian on the menu except an uninteresting salad. Amongst the many plates of chicken and beef on the table, Candyce’s salad looked boring, making Candyce wonder why restaurants couldn’t also cater to vegetarians.

When she was fourteen years old, Candyce decided to give up meat. Growing up eating chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken, turkey and gravy at Thanksgiving, fried fish from Long John Silver’s, and bacon on Sundays, Candyce now felt an obligation towards animals. She could no longer stand knowing that animals were getting killed, so with a firm resolve her longing for meat suddenly disappeared, shaping Candyce into a vegetarian.

Candyce sighed and ate her salad. She also ordered tea, thankful at least that the restaurant had her favorite beverage. Candyce reflected on her day, proud that she was part of that memorable picture that was taken at the Norman Rockwell Museum and that her sleepy area was alive with history. They had also gone to the house of Herman Melville, the author of Moby Dick and other novels. The original furniture was still there and the house, known as the Arrowhead, was going through restoration. Melville had written Moby Dick in that house, creating the whale in the story from looking at the distant rolling mountains from the window in his study.

Candyce’s thoughts were interrupted by her friends exclaiming about the day they had. They had come from afar and were not aware that this area was so rich in the history of the United States. The drive from Arrowhead in Pittsfield to the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge was very picturesque, and it was definitely a throwback to a quaint New England. Brick houses and narrow streets took them farther into a snowy world that could only be recreated in a Norman Rockwell landscape. At the museum, the group had a special tour, where one of the curators spoke about Rockwell’s art influencing society.

Candyce’s tea refreshed her spirits and the salad did not change her resolve to remain vegetarian. Even better than her tea though was Candyce being in such a historical area, where its richness preserved the beauty among the hills for all to enjoy. The bread and water of Candyce’s existence, in a world of meat, was her love of history! Leaving the restaurant, she had an Andes® Mint, which successfully sealed the joy of her day.
For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Mandy challenged me with “Food to die for” and I challenged Pamela with “Happiness can be described in many ways, what is your way?”.


A New Year!

Greetings One and All!

A Very Happy New Year to You, and hope this year brings good health and happiness to you!  That said, let’s start off the year with….. sweet sweet MUSIC!

This is Hisham Abbas singing, he is an Egyptian singer!  I was on Youtube one fine day and found this by accident, and well, t’was not an accident!  I LOVED how the Indian Culture was incorporated into an Arabic song, and seen from a Muslim’s eye!

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Selena’s Last Concert!

Here is a concert that you are all invited to, and where you can either clap your hands for joy or you can cry to, knowing that the beloved singer Selena isn’t with us now!

Long Live Selena!

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The Pack and the Wolf

Once Upon a Time there was a family of wolves that lived in the forest far, far away from the townsfolk.  No one dared to enter this forest, and risk being eaten alive, but it was all the better for Garsea and her five pups to have as much room as possible to play and to survive as a family.  Whether it was out hunting or inside the safety net of their den, the pups knew that their mother was there for them.

Canine was Garsea’s middle child, and Garsea wanted him to be as self sufficient and independent as possible, which Canine still had to learn.  He, along with his two older brothers and two younger sisters, played together under the sun near their den and accompanied their mother on hunting trips.  At night they would all snuggle together, making the den the warmest place in Canine’s small world.  

One day, though, Canine’s happiness was cut short as a human family made their way into the forest.  Desperate for food and warmth, they stumbled near the den where Garsea and her five pups lived.  As the sun was setting, Garsea went out to hunt for dinner for herself and her innocent pups, with the pups being too sleepy to join her for the hunt.  The father began tracking Garsea, planning to trap her wherever he could. Meanwhile at the den, the mother and her kids quietly approached the sleeping pups and took Canine’s brothers and sisters away, leaving Canine very terrified.  Ambushing the mom came as quickly as snatching up the four pups, where the father then made great haste to kill Garsea. Returning from the chase, the father was pleased to find his family and the four dead pups.  After the father skinned the pups and the mother, the happy family sat down to a delicious meal and their new pelts, and soon after returned to the town much more cheerful than when they had come into the woods.  

Canine waited for his mom to come back, hoping she was not stolen away from him, but as night became day he figured that she was not coming back and decided to leave the den for good.

Canine became very self sufficient, but grew to be very angry at the world.  He constantly terrorized the other animals, and stole whatever food they had.  He enjoyed tracking, purposely killing other animals, and bringing their bodies back to their families, just to watch them cry.

One bright and sunny day, he followed a girl who crossed into the forest by herself.

“Pretty girl, beautiful girl, will you help me locate the nearest stream to drink from?” asked Canine in his sweetest voice.  

“Sure, let me help you.” responded the girl, forgetting that the hour was getting later and later. This innocent girl was unaware of the wolf’s actual intentions of chasing and killing her, so she set off to look for the stream. Canine wanted to give himself a challenge, so he gave her a head start before chasing her down and devouring her.

Lean and meaner than before, the wolf set out for another adventure, taking the nearest trail for some time. This trail was both hilly and flat by turns, and Canine found himself pricked with thorns but refreshed by the fields of flowers. At the end of this winding trail, there was a clearing. When Canine realized what he was seeing, he was amazed. Not one, but seven wolves were under a giant waterfall, while more wolves were on the banks of the river with their pups. Canine was bewildered.  He felt both happy and terrified at seeing so many animals that looked like him!

“Come bathe with us!” Amis, the alpha of the pack, called out to Canine from the waterfall.

“I have already taken a bath, and do not need another one.” replied Canine, even though he had not taken a bath.

“Amis, who is this?” The most beautiful creature Canine had ever seen suddenly appeared from behind the pack leader.

“Miran, it appears to be another wolf who has lost his way, and seems eager to join us.”  was Amis’s response.

“He could use a shinier coat!” Miran commented.  

Canine now had the deepest longing for Miran and he was also embarrassed that his coat looked dirty, and so cautiously walked towards the pack.

The pups ran towards Canine and soon encircled him, pawing at his feet and sniffing him out.  Canine was confused at all the attention and drew back at once, forcing the pups to run behind their mothers. Their mothers, however, nudged them forward, and Canine now began to relax.

Canine then proceeded to the water, where suddenly he felt different.  Instead of backing out from the water, Canine went deeper into the waterfall, where soon a light was cast over him and made him shake. The water enveloped his body, and turned his filthy coat to the pearliest white and turned his cold yellow eyes to amber.  The others watched in amazement as Canine’s head reached to the skies while his feet stayed firmly on the ground.  

Wet and cold, Canine finally came back to the bank as a changed wolf.  Every single wolf and pup looked at him in amazement.  

Amis, thinking that Canine seemed to have become much more mellow, came forward and exclaimed “My, what a shiny coat you have!”

“I now have a coat to be proud of.” Canine responded.

“My Brother, do not be alone anymore. Join us as a member of our pack.  There is much hunting to be done, and a new clan to make; embrace the strength of the pack.”

Believing Amis, feeling happy with being with all these wolves, and falling head over heels in love with Miran, Canine agreed to come with Amis’s pack.


For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Head Ant challenged me with “Why is the Big Bad Wolf bad? Write his fairy tale.” and I challenged Stephanie with “With an intravenous pole near and nowhere to go, Gloria laid in her hospital bed and looked up at the ceiling.”

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Indieink | The II Writing Challenge

Hello Folks, Happy Holidays!

I was not on here for awhile due to:

  1. College Finals
  2. Non-Writing Surge

I am back again though, until I am not in a writing mood, which might again be soon!

Here’s a link that is definitely getting me writing: Indieink | The II Writing Challenge.  It is a weekly short story contest where random prompts are given, and we as the Writer has to make the prompt come alive with our words!

The next post from me then will be the “challenged” random topic and its short story!

Stay Tuned!

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Now we have snow!  The land looks so beautiful with it, but it being cold is another story!

I am starting to branch out more, with this WordPress blog being a product of the branching!  I can never be on a set schedule to write, because my thoughts take their time like me, but at least I am writing more than I ever have!


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Personality test based on Jung and Briggs Myers typology

Though this is not a perfect science, this test can still provide you with a basic assessment of yourself!

Personality test based on Jung and Briggs Myers typology.

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Let the Winter Wonderland Begin!

Fortunately, December in Dalton is snow-less now, but I do not know how much longer I can celebrate.  We have had snow already in October, and though it was for one day, it still made me sad!

Nonetheless, I still love living in this area where we have four distinct seasons, where there is change!  Though I am a summer sun girl, I don’t like if it’s just one type of weather, like there seems to be in Nevada and California!  California still seems to be a cool place, but Nevada and Las Vegas seems to be “off”. 

On our vacation there, I still remember flying over the Rockies and thinking that our plane would land on a rocky cliff, instead of a proper strip of an airport.  Vegas with all its lights just seems to rob the landscape of its terrain, for when you leave the city– you only see flat lands with rocky cliffs.  A conventional rest area isn’t a rest area, because around the stop you just see a flat road and the flat lands.  California though is just a ride that you would expect when being in a rodeo.  The land, being on top of a fault, is SO hilly that you do not know when you are going up or down! 

There is something to say about the food though, loving Mexican food, I was on cloud 9 having the cuisine almost every day when there!   🙂


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A Brand New Night!

As I reflect, I wonder where I have been and where I am going!

The world is a giant place, and I know that I am just one small person that is among other small beings on this gigantic plane we call the Earth.

Others I know must wonder the same thing I am wondering, but what about their voices and dreams? Are they heard, or just blend in like chameleons?

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What’s Going On – YouTube

What’s Going On – YouTube.

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The Beatles

One of THE greatest groups ever!

The Beatles.

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Here Comes The Sun!

Greetings one and all!

Here is my new official blog for any narratives-opinions-non-poetic material! I also might just throw in some of my pictures too!

I always wanted this type of sunny layout for my online space, so

“Here Comes The Sun

Here Comes the sun, and I say

It’s alright”

Needless to say that I am VERY happy at what I am seeing and I hope to make it more “sunny” as time goes on!

Sit back and wear your sunglasses as you sip on your drink and enjoy “The Writing Mind!”


Maya Bahl

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