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Let the Winter Wonderland Begin!

on 2011/12/04

Fortunately, December in Dalton is snow-less now, but I do not know how much longer I can celebrate.  We have had snow already in October, and though it was for one day, it still made me sad!

Nonetheless, I still love living in this area where we have four distinct seasons, where there is change!  Though I am a summer sun girl, I don’t like if it’s just one type of weather, like there seems to be in Nevada and California!  California still seems to be a cool place, but Nevada and Las Vegas seems to be “off”. 

On our vacation there, I still remember flying over the Rockies and thinking that our plane would land on a rocky cliff, instead of a proper strip of an airport.  Vegas with all its lights just seems to rob the landscape of its terrain, for when you leave the city– you only see flat lands with rocky cliffs.  A conventional rest area isn’t a rest area, because around the stop you just see a flat road and the flat lands.  California though is just a ride that you would expect when being in a rodeo.  The land, being on top of a fault, is SO hilly that you do not know when you are going up or down! 

There is something to say about the food though, loving Mexican food, I was on cloud 9 having the cuisine almost every day when there!   🙂



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