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The Pack and the Wolf

on 2011/12/28

Once Upon a Time there was a family of wolves that lived in the forest far, far away from the townsfolk.  No one dared to enter this forest, and risk being eaten alive, but it was all the better for Garsea and her five pups to have as much room as possible to play and to survive as a family.  Whether it was out hunting or inside the safety net of their den, the pups knew that their mother was there for them.

Canine was Garsea’s middle child, and Garsea wanted him to be as self sufficient and independent as possible, which Canine still had to learn.  He, along with his two older brothers and two younger sisters, played together under the sun near their den and accompanied their mother on hunting trips.  At night they would all snuggle together, making the den the warmest place in Canine’s small world.  

One day, though, Canine’s happiness was cut short as a human family made their way into the forest.  Desperate for food and warmth, they stumbled near the den where Garsea and her five pups lived.  As the sun was setting, Garsea went out to hunt for dinner for herself and her innocent pups, with the pups being too sleepy to join her for the hunt.  The father began tracking Garsea, planning to trap her wherever he could. Meanwhile at the den, the mother and her kids quietly approached the sleeping pups and took Canine’s brothers and sisters away, leaving Canine very terrified.  Ambushing the mom came as quickly as snatching up the four pups, where the father then made great haste to kill Garsea. Returning from the chase, the father was pleased to find his family and the four dead pups.  After the father skinned the pups and the mother, the happy family sat down to a delicious meal and their new pelts, and soon after returned to the town much more cheerful than when they had come into the woods.  

Canine waited for his mom to come back, hoping she was not stolen away from him, but as night became day he figured that she was not coming back and decided to leave the den for good.

Canine became very self sufficient, but grew to be very angry at the world.  He constantly terrorized the other animals, and stole whatever food they had.  He enjoyed tracking, purposely killing other animals, and bringing their bodies back to their families, just to watch them cry.

One bright and sunny day, he followed a girl who crossed into the forest by herself.

“Pretty girl, beautiful girl, will you help me locate the nearest stream to drink from?” asked Canine in his sweetest voice.  

“Sure, let me help you.” responded the girl, forgetting that the hour was getting later and later. This innocent girl was unaware of the wolf’s actual intentions of chasing and killing her, so she set off to look for the stream. Canine wanted to give himself a challenge, so he gave her a head start before chasing her down and devouring her.

Lean and meaner than before, the wolf set out for another adventure, taking the nearest trail for some time. This trail was both hilly and flat by turns, and Canine found himself pricked with thorns but refreshed by the fields of flowers. At the end of this winding trail, there was a clearing. When Canine realized what he was seeing, he was amazed. Not one, but seven wolves were under a giant waterfall, while more wolves were on the banks of the river with their pups. Canine was bewildered.  He felt both happy and terrified at seeing so many animals that looked like him!

“Come bathe with us!” Amis, the alpha of the pack, called out to Canine from the waterfall.

“I have already taken a bath, and do not need another one.” replied Canine, even though he had not taken a bath.

“Amis, who is this?” The most beautiful creature Canine had ever seen suddenly appeared from behind the pack leader.

“Miran, it appears to be another wolf who has lost his way, and seems eager to join us.”  was Amis’s response.

“He could use a shinier coat!” Miran commented.  

Canine now had the deepest longing for Miran and he was also embarrassed that his coat looked dirty, and so cautiously walked towards the pack.

The pups ran towards Canine and soon encircled him, pawing at his feet and sniffing him out.  Canine was confused at all the attention and drew back at once, forcing the pups to run behind their mothers. Their mothers, however, nudged them forward, and Canine now began to relax.

Canine then proceeded to the water, where suddenly he felt different.  Instead of backing out from the water, Canine went deeper into the waterfall, where soon a light was cast over him and made him shake. The water enveloped his body, and turned his filthy coat to the pearliest white and turned his cold yellow eyes to amber.  The others watched in amazement as Canine’s head reached to the skies while his feet stayed firmly on the ground.  

Wet and cold, Canine finally came back to the bank as a changed wolf.  Every single wolf and pup looked at him in amazement.  

Amis, thinking that Canine seemed to have become much more mellow, came forward and exclaimed “My, what a shiny coat you have!”

“I now have a coat to be proud of.” Canine responded.

“My Brother, do not be alone anymore. Join us as a member of our pack.  There is much hunting to be done, and a new clan to make; embrace the strength of the pack.”

Believing Amis, feeling happy with being with all these wolves, and falling head over heels in love with Miran, Canine agreed to come with Amis’s pack.


For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Head Ant challenged me with “Why is the Big Bad Wolf bad? Write his fairy tale.” and I challenged Stephanie with “With an intravenous pole near and nowhere to go, Gloria laid in her hospital bed and looked up at the ceiling.”


One response to “The Pack and the Wolf

  1. DM says:

    I really like this. I love that you started with Once Upon a Time and kept it very simple, sounding very fairy talish throughout the piece. I’m looking forward to reading more by you.

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