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The Wonders of History

on 2012/01/05

By: Norman Rockwell

One fall evening, Candyce Morce dined with friends after spending the entire day touring the area near where she lived. They went to many historical places and had a Rockwellian moment when they were given the opportunity to have a picture taken with one of Norman Rockwell’s actual models at his museum in Stockbridge. The friends ended their day by going somewhere for dinner, and the restaurant of their choosing was non-vegetarian. Candyce was a vegetarian, however, and was stuck with nothing vegetarian on the menu except an uninteresting salad. Amongst the many plates of chicken and beef on the table, Candyce’s salad looked boring, making Candyce wonder why restaurants couldn’t also cater to vegetarians.

When she was fourteen years old, Candyce decided to give up meat. Growing up eating chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken, turkey and gravy at Thanksgiving, fried fish from Long John Silver’s, and bacon on Sundays, Candyce now felt an obligation towards animals. She could no longer stand knowing that animals were getting killed, so with a firm resolve her longing for meat suddenly disappeared, shaping Candyce into a vegetarian.

Candyce sighed and ate her salad. She also ordered tea, thankful at least that the restaurant had her favorite beverage. Candyce reflected on her day, proud that she was part of that memorable picture that was taken at the Norman Rockwell Museum and that her sleepy area was alive with history. They had also gone to the house of Herman Melville, the author of Moby Dick and other novels. The original furniture was still there and the house, known as the Arrowhead, was going through restoration. Melville had written Moby Dick in that house, creating the whale in the story from looking at the distant rolling mountains from the window in his study.

Candyce’s thoughts were interrupted by her friends exclaiming about the day they had. They had come from afar and were not aware that this area was so rich in the history of the United States. The drive from Arrowhead in Pittsfield to the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge was very picturesque, and it was definitely a throwback to a quaint New England. Brick houses and narrow streets took them farther into a snowy world that could only be recreated in a Norman Rockwell landscape. At the museum, the group had a special tour, where one of the curators spoke about Rockwell’s art influencing society.

Candyce’s tea refreshed her spirits and the salad did not change her resolve to remain vegetarian. Even better than her tea though was Candyce being in such a historical area, where its richness preserved the beauty among the hills for all to enjoy. The bread and water of Candyce’s existence, in a world of meat, was her love of history! Leaving the restaurant, she had an Andes® Mint, which successfully sealed the joy of her day.
For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Mandy challenged me with “Food to die for” and I challenged Pamela with “Happiness can be described in many ways, what is your way?”.


2 responses to “The Wonders of History

  1. Love the reference to Rockwell in this piece. I used to be a vegan myself, alas sadly, no longer. I enjoyed your challenge. I hope to see you round.


  2. Maya Bahl says:

    Thank You Pamela! I/Candyce could never be a vegan, our love of Dairy is too great!
    Looking forward to our friendship!

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