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The Face of One Man

on 2012/01/19

You were once so loved. Your genuine caring for others is what attracted me to you, but I fear time has eroded you now.  Your youthful eyes have turned bloodshot and your face is creased with hardness.  What was once a strong foundation is now a distant memory.

You were once so loved. Now that love has turned to hate, since you stripped my dignity and innocence away from me with your love of alcohol.  That box you said you felt trapped in has only turned you into a pathetic creature looking for sympathy. You would turn away any sort of kindness, and instead direct it towards hurting the other person, like you had been hurt before.

You loved alcohol more than me, and for a while I understood and was kind to you, but I fear that I am now no longer the same woman.  My name is tarnished with your ways and with other women, and now I know that I would not be able to trust anyone else without fearing that I could get hurt.

You claimed that you were royalty, but from what end of the royal line, the top or the bottom?  Your brother had put you away, fearing that you were harmful, but was he actually right?  Were you actually shut away because you tried to kill your own brother, or yourself?  As your girlfriend and case worker, I felt an obligation to see you through rough times, but I was wrong about helping you.  Being born in privilege does not always mean that you can get the royal treatment.  

I was attracted to the man in the iron mask, but the historical account of it is much better than yours!  Your alcohol and your women got the best of you, and worked their magic of shaping you into a horrible monster.

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Mandy challenged me with “The man with no face” and I challenged Lisa with “The Marriage of Figaro”.


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