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Blogfest #1

on 2012/03/19

The iconic landmark for Bridgewater State University!

Greetings One and All!  My name is Maya Bahl, and I will be blogging for your entertainment during Social Media Week at Bridgewater State University during March 19-23, 2012!

Blogging now for five years, I can say that the experience has been, and will be, very beneficial to my professional, social, and academic career.  I began February 2008 with a poetry space, since at the time I was also assisting in editing another college’s literary magazine as well as developing my own collection of poems that I enthusiastically wrote for pleasure.  I envisioned this new blog to reflect myself, so with a simple template on Google Blogger, I proceeded to add a thousand more gadgets to it.  I went into blogging knowing that I could either make a fool out of myself for the whole world to see or that I could get dinero from it.  With a specified picture slideshow from the web (“India”), a Japanese print of the day, a dual clock showing Massachusetts and India’s time, a Shakespearean Insult of the day, one of my pictures, and a classical music player—my audience and I were off to a great adventure! 

I was never in a journaling habit but I hoped to be more regulated with writing with a blog, and today at the very least, my blog has been updated with newer gadgets.  I still need to work on being regular with posting, but a helpful way that made me consistently blog is having prompts.  I constantly need focus in my life so blogging with a topic has helped me, and could help you, blog often and get your writing more focused.  Writing within reason on the web is very valuable in this digital world where everyone is connected because it gives you a chance to self-promote yourself, whether you want to be a professional writer or not.  Building an online profile on career oriented sites like LinkedIn or simply tweeting on twitter would convince those who are constantly looking for potentials either on the job market or socially that you are a good candidate for them, because your writing is the truest reflection of yourself.  Writing through blogs can also help you shy folks out there to break out of your shell, like it also had done for me!    

I am looking forward to blogging for the week, and hope that you will also join me in your own journeys of self-promotion!


2 responses to “Blogfest #1

  1. cindykane says:

    Thanks for participating this week! Looking forward to getting to know you!

    • Maya Bahl says:

      Thank You Ms. Kane, looking forward to this week as well, and getting more acquainted with the blogging community!

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