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It Takes a Community, Blogfest #2

on 2012/03/20

The town of Bridgewater on a good, sunny day!


  •  Thoughts reflecting Community

According to Wikipedia, community requires interaction whether it is a group of people in an area or in biology, between organisms in a populated environment.  While we should never find academic answers on Wikipedia, this “internet community” says it best!

Community is about successfully being together and bridging gaps, and is very much emphasized everywhere we go.  Whether we are the BCC or BSU community, we have to be more than one student, faculty and administration member, and an employee in one place.  Having that requirement is not enough though, for these members at large have special qualities that they bring, whether it be their race, religion, or gender.  The quantity and the attributes then make up this community, where then it is either the Berkshire Community College or the Bridgewater State University community.  The question now is whether BSU is truly a community? 

I think in an imperfect world like which we are living in, we cannot exist as a perfect community because of  its quantity.  The cliché of “too many cooks spoil the brew” is so true in any community, where the negative effect can turn towards hate crimes.  Not intending to keep the flame alive of BSU’s own hate incident regarding gender, we see that not everyone can support another lifestyle that exists in society.  Not wholly being a pessimist though, I also recognize the positive effects of being too many people in one place.  The swift action taken after the incident by the BSU community through its rally was amazing, with it being an extra hoorah for accepting other existences.  Though not directly relating to the BSU community, Kony 2012 is also a good and bad cause when handled by a community.  Many of us are against child soldiers and would sign on to the petition, but others could sign on solely for the interest in the oil reserves in Uganda.  Though it is good that we all do not think alike, it can also be bad!       

Community, deriving from the old French comunité and from Latin communitatem during the 14th Century originally implied that something was shared.  Our feelings and ways of life, once we share them, tend to reflect the same thing and makes up the various humanitarian and common interest groups around campus.  My involvement in a multicultural group brought me closer to my peers and friends, while promoting diversity within the greater Pittsfield, MA community.  We also do not have to belong to a group to share similarities and differences, our friends and others around us are our best teachers in making us belong to a community!


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