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Lessons Learned, Blogfest #3

on 2012/03/21

As an aspiring student of the world, I have had friendships from all corners of the earth,  but I did not have a friend who was sitting right next to me all along!

While it is true that climbing your way up in academia is difficult and a journey that no one wants to take, having a great mentor beside you greatly eases the pressure of this hard climb.  Josh was one of those people, that in my time at BSU, has helped me to become confident both as a student and as a person.

If Josh wanted pushups, you gave him pushups.  It was during our archaeological field school in the summer where I was struggling with the work that Josh was able to raise my spirits.  Our class location was at another spot and generously helping me out with the rides there, we enjoyed each other’s company and found more similarities than differences, such as us having our birthday month being the same and our days being half apart.  Being from the sleepy Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts, I was unaccustomed to the crazy driving habits of some Bostonians, and would always hold my breath whenever he drove.  His crazy driving to me though said a lot about him, that he was confident and was able to stand on his two feet.  Being raised a princess with things being given to me, I did not work hard in getting what I wanted or to build up confidence.  I was always stubborn though, but for all the wrong reasons!

Especially during this semester, Josh has helped me grow as a person.  I have learned to smile and laugh even more and to not be afraid to speak in class, once I have thought out what I would say, an observation that he also found with his sister.  While I am a constant work in progress, I have found a new footing into becoming a better person and student from meeting Josh.  Our beginnings were kind of the same, with him coming from strong parents both in work ethic and character while my parents were strong in work ethic but not character, but different in how we were raised.  I do not think that it is only the responsibility of a “professional” teacher to teach and influence, but rather that we students also have the gift of teaching, but we just have to be open to it!  


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