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Race and Gender at BSU, Blogfest #4

on 2012/03/22

As Sean, Kelsey, and Kirk shows: one should see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil!

  • Race, Gender, and Gender Identity: Where do you stand and what will you do about it?

As the daughter of Indian immigrants, I have learned that I am just as important as any other person, and that I am able to lead a rich life.  Growing up differently has not only been rewarding, but it has also given me a sense of deep appreciation towards those around me.

Being human means that you will be imperfect, but realizing your imperfection makes you into a better person.  There were moments in elementary school that I felt I was treated differently and was singled out from playing with my other peers, but that only taught me to not be judgmental of others where also as a result, I became more and more curious on life and its people.  I had a sheltered upbringing, so until my college years, I was not too familiar with other lifestyles that existed in American society.  College does not only make you book smart, it also can make you people smart from its diversity.  I first was fascinated with those that identified as transgendered, and found it very interesting that someone could discover one day that they instead identified as the opposite sex, and then could take measures into eventually becoming the other sex.  I also met peers who ranged from being homosexual to atheist to those from around the world, and through these meetings I see that these groups are the most perfect of humans—because of them realizing and going with their “imperfections”.

We bloggers are asked what we would commit to doing in promoting gender and racial equity, where my thirsty sponge of a mind can only continue to be more tolerant of these diverse crowds.  To be labeled different is very hard to live with, and what I have also lived with, so I do not want to add to the misery of labeling others as different!  We all are entitled for a place in society!


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