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BSU, Blogfest #5

on 2012/03/23

Tillinghast Hall, one of the original residential halls of Bridgewater State University!

  • BSU in the present and future!

Bridgewater State University in 2022 will be so technically advanced that I as a thirty four alum would not know where to begin!

I envision that classroom material will not only be all digitized, but also be made into a 3D format as movies are now!  There will be more residential halls and less green, but thankfully either the original structure of Woodward or Tillinghast Hall will be intact—but highly renovated.  Bridgewater’s beginnings as a womens’ teaching college will carry through the decades, and serve to be the greatest pride of the institution.  For Blogfest 2022, I suspect that the topics covered would be indefinite life spans, butchered remakes of classics, the rise in economy, aerial car travel, and clones. 

I would want the President of 2022 to know that Bridgewater State University has come a long way, and that its strong community is behind its development.  The care and support of its members permeated any negativity that has happened, and would continue to take steps in ensuring its greatness. 

Right now in 2012, President Dana Mohler-Faria has done a wonderful job of advancing BSU on a national and international scale from adding to the institution’s rich legacy of diversity with its study abroad/tour programs in six continents.  President Mohler-Faria has also awakened the town with newer degrees of scientific technology made with the construction of the new science building, as well as drawing in more students with newer parking lots and residential halls.  As a student though, I have felt a lack of communication among other administrative and departmental members, and would encourage that there be more of a connection between members of the campus, even if it just means knowing one’s first name and role.  I had come from a community college, and that is where my knowledge of a welcoming college community comes from and where I could be biased, but I also feel that we can all do better!  Navigating through some administrative offices once, I saw that not all administrative offices seemed to know the other office well, with the same happening between academic departments.  No one knows everything, even if they have a doctorate degree, to me being smart is having BOTH the academic and interpersonal credentials!

It has been a great experience to be part of Blogfest 2012 and hope to blog more often, whether BSU related or not!


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