The Writing Mind

Where the Journey Begins!


on 2012/04/16

Almost a month went by since my last post, and well, I need to blog more often! 

There were things that I learned within that month though, such as writing things down in not only helping me prepare for presentations, but to also keep alive any and all of the progressions I am making as a person.  It not only binds the inner core to spirit, but it also strengthens the individual so that they can be more confident when speaking in public.  Last Thursday I listened to an amazing psychologist/spiritualist/author named Mark Waldman, who also encouraged things to be written down.  With a simple question, he has found people to be more aware of themselves and to be more driven in attaining their goals in life.  His all worthy question should be reflected on during mornings and spanning ten days.  He also encouraged us to really hoan in on what instantly comes to mind!

If you expected me to give Waldman’s question in the last bit, congratulations on feeling impatient as I had when I had tuned in on Thursday!  Waldman truly dragged out everything but the question, so that one had to guess that the question had to be as random as: “Why did the chicken cross the road?” 

I end this post then with that question being our homework that is due indefinitely, and hope that our paths will begin from this moment on:

 What is your deepest innermost value?




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