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Lost Love

on 2012/05/13

Emily was that face through the darkened window, with her face being one I could never forget. Sitting alone at the top of her house, her inexpressive eyes fixated on me as I would go past her house each day.

Everyone deemed Emily the “Crazy Lady” where I lived, and truth be told, she did seem a little off. Spring would turn to Fall and where short sleeved tops were replaced with with long sleeved tops but she remained, all season long, with the same long sleeved black collared frock. She followed everyone with her somber eyes, making those very uncomfortable to stay in front of her house for too long. Little children would bet on seeing who who could get the nearest to her front porch, and away they ran to find out. She lived on a hill with a long driveway with trees at the base covering the house from the other houses on the street. One day when the children got to the porch in their games, the front door was suddenly opened! Terrified at the sight, the boys ran for their lives from the house, with the front door slowly closing behind them. I would like to think that Emily was laughing behind that door.

There were many stories of the “Crazy Lady” circulating around town, with some being good and some bad. My favorite of these stories was how she fell in love with her employer named Ashley at an orphanage that they both worked at. Their shared love of helping children brought them together, and on many evenings were seen together around town, whether taking walks at sunset or dining out. Their love seemed unbreakable and pure, until one day when they broke up, and she leaving the orphanage. Distraught about losing his love, Ashley eventually changed ownership and left the orphanage and proceeded to isolate himself with living on the other end of town. No one knows for sure what the argument was about, but people said that it was due to the uncertainty of their future together. Emily was much older than he was, and that as a result would not be able to have children, while his past affair had kept surfacing throughout their relationship with his past lover following them at every turn. This sad break up seemed to even carry on to the present day, as there were reported sightings of Emily looking longingly at every man that crossed her house. Everyone as a result, became more wary of Emily and her potential harm to our community.
As a man, I understood the feelings that a man could feel for a woman, so I decided to seek out Emily’s lover and find out the truth, as now friends and myself had gotten spooked out by Emily’s stare and I wanted to put to rest all of the stories that people were making up about Emily’s loneliness. After some days, I finally found where Ashley was, and proceeded to his front door. His house was smaller and more rural than Emily’s, and surrounded by an open field with a short driveway. When I knocked on his front door, there was no answer, but after a little while when I was almost to my buggy the door suddenly opened. A man who had seen his years opened the door, with hollowed out looking eyes and a pale complexion. He allowed me to come in, and we proceeded to talk for sometime. He told me that he still loved Emily, and was wanting to know where she now lived.

“I am very happy that she is now living in a scenic part of the community!” Ashley exclaimed.

He told me of how Emily once lived in a poorer section of the town, and how her parents were not kind to her. Being the oldest, they made her work at an early age on the family farm to supply them with enough food and drink for the day. They constantly abused her with their words, making her flee one day from the farm and out into the world. He recounted her first day in the orphanage, seeing her strength and vigor prompted him to hire her as a helper and educator at the orphanage. He fondly remembered her good work ethic, and when he himself fell in love with her over a cup of tea and with the fire going during one winter day. He remembered her colored outfits that brightened their spring and summer months together, and missed those evenings under the bright stars. He truly loved her so, and contrary to what the town believed, had known that their marriage would last.

As I got up to leave for my home, he summoned me back with a secret that I would never reveal to the town about their failed relationship. It was a secret that, as a man, I knew would destroy any relationship.

“I never knew my preference, so knowing now that I was trapped in a woman’s body, I decided to turn myself into a man” was Ashley’s confession.

I now knew about Ashley and Emily’s relationship, and that Emily’s love story was not made up. I also knew that Emily had a reason to look at other men who crossed her yard, so when I later crossed her house, I met those same longing eyes. We proceeded to look at each other for a moment, and then finally no more as she slowly pulled the shade over her window.

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, dailyshorts challenged me with “You see a face through a darkened window.” and I challenged Michael with “‘To [You], With Love.'”


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