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Loving Wild

on 2012/05/24

Harry knew that Sally had a problem, and wild with grief, he had to check her in.  The Smith Ward was the intensive care unit within their local hospital, and taking in the sights around him now, Harry felt nervous that Sally was in a place like this.  He knew Sally was normal, but others around him felt that there was something wrong. 

They fell for each other one summer evening out in the wilderness, as camp leaders they fell in love with the other’s passion and zest in keeping happiness and safety among the other campers.  Now with the flame to their fires growing stronger and stronger, Harry and Sally lied down together under the illuminating night sky one evening.  They were away from people and civilization for this night, and knew that they would always be there for the other no matter what, marking this night as the most special night of their relationship!    

Many years had passed where one day Sally appeared to be unstable.  On a trip to the store, others noticed Sally walking funny and her irrational conversation at checkout.  She had seen many faces behind the cashier, and she felt that someone followed her, even though no one was behind her.  Harry also noticed these strange behaviors later that day, but did not say anything.  He did not want to be separated from Sally, and was confident that as a couple, they would work through this, and their lives would soon be back to normal.      

Now with Sally checked in at the Smith ward, Harry lived on the edge of humanity.  Socially separated from everyone else, Harry’s only mission now was to visit Sally and maintain a sense of normalcy with her.  She was definitely not the same person he had met, from the many medications that she was on, but he still loved her and her once lively spirit. 

Harry continued to be with Sally though, and would be there until their last day. 

For the Trifecta Writing Challenge this week, the definition of “Wild” as either  “not being controlled” or “emotionally overcome” was used.


2 responses to “Loving Wild

  1. Trifecta says:

    Thanks for linking up with Trifecta. I liked your choice of settings here–both the hospital and the fireside camp. I also like the phrase “edge of humanity.” Nice job.

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