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Lightning Bug!

on 2012/05/27

The timer is off, and I am here doing my first speed writing for The Lightning Bug!  I as of yet don’t know what I will fill this space with, but the time is ticking!  I guess I could write about my hopes and dreams, but I am finding that these wants are constantly shifting, like the time in a day.  What I could have hoped and dreamed for the morning has shifted to something else in the evening.  My love of history and the Discovery Channel led me to want to pursue Archaeology, but after many days and evenings, I found this area not suiting me.  Not all hope was lost on this front though, because now I am just studying “History” of which I am having luck with… so far!  I guess I could tell you my name, my beginnings—since it would not shift, but my story would be the same as yours.  Named Maya Bahl and raised in an Indian household, could be a story that you have heard many times.  Not having a traditional American childhood is not only common, but at the same time outlandish, for how could anyone be raised so differently?  I love to write, but isn’t that what the Lightning Bug community is here for?  Wow, 10 minutes is now up, and look how far I got!  Time flies when you write!

The Flicker of Inspiration from The Lightning and the Lightning Bug this week was to speed write for ten minutes.


6 responses to “Lightning Bug!

  1. “Traditional” childhoods can be anything but; it doesn’t matter where in the world your roots are embedded. As you stated, we all share the same stories, hopes and dreams.

    A great ten minutes!

  2. Time does fly when you write. I lose myself in it often. Great use of 10 minutes.

    • Maya Bahl says:

      Thank You Maggie!? This was my first time doing speed writing with an actual timer, so I hope what I wrote made sense, and it not being too jumpy!

  3. Good for you to face the challenge head on!
    You did a great job!

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