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Living as if we Died

on 2012/08/16

For all the time that I had known myself, I knew that I stood out, that I was different. If people walked in one direction, I was sure to walk the other-that nothing seemed normal in my life that I had to take “the road less traveled”. I came to harness this energy in the best way that I ever could over time.

Lured by those designer labels, four of us shoplifted from the nearby mall one fine day. We were a pack, with two being the distractions and one helping the other steal, and we managed to get away with such stealth that we had the invitation to steal again. On our next shoplifting operation however, we were caught and had to suffer the consequences.

On another occasion, it was that ugly car that wasn’t mine that had to go. Its murky green color constantly glared at me through my wiindow, and not going far, I had the right to destroy it. Walking across the street with a crowbar, I let it have it with no regrets, and only when I was in custody had I felt slight remorse.

Finding myself doing “wrong” only intensified over time where I was not only bad but also mean to myself. My dependency on harmful substances only seemed to replenish my being– for no overdosing or car accident could kill me. If I had a soul left, I’d have felt bad on how I was living, but I just hadn’t. I was living this darkened existence, for better or for worse!

For the Scriptic prompt exchange this week, Jester Queen gave me this prompt: If I had any soul left, I’d have felt bad..

I gave Tara Roberts this prompt: The world is your stage, and I am a duck

*For the record, I have not vandalized a car, shoplifted, or used drugs–I am very happy in my life. What you saw here is just me being innocently dark!*


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