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Wisdom From a Tooth or Three!

on 2013/08/14

So, it has been about three months since I have updated The Writing Mind, where in that time I felt more poetry than narrative, but Thanks to Trifecta here’s my response to one of its past challenges concerning the tooth. This prompt came out of one of its editor’s son losing his tooth, with its complement picture being a tooth in a police outfit– and while I liked the image, my sort of collage is better!
Glory to the tooth, that can either give us pleasure or pain as I look upon my third molars-or Wisdom Teeth- that I asked be preserved when I had to have them out.

I hadn’t asked to be knocked out during the procedure, so I felt everything–the yanking of each tooth, and even not feeling from extreme numbness. Seeing a friend before this process, and hearing about another friend going in as I was finishing definitely made the experience easier, and a reason I look back on in realizing that I needed to be awake. Though it is odd to go on about something so random as teeth being pulled, I would just say that the day, and the days after it, were not the best- but also not the worst. I have had worse events since that time seven years ago, but like my teeth that have maintained their whiteness and form, I have also kept myself sane and on that path to that better life.

Wisdom teeth can be fatal, and so too is life if not played carefully!



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