The Writing Mind

Where the Journey Begins!

Back In The Game!

on 2013/11/20

After being away with contemplating, wondering, searching, and crying at what my next move would be–I can finally say that now I am sure at where I am going and what I need to do to get there!! I don’t want to say my plans out loud right now, but suffice to say that I am working in that positive direction. Along the way, I’ve had wonderful experiences that will help me, or has already helped me, in becoming a confident person!

One immediate joy I have found is the wonderful “app” or application called Instacollage, where you can digitally make collages, and then share with others (I have the free version though, but is still enough to work with!). I have had so much fun creating themed collages for friends and/or other people, and that I realize that I haven’t yet made my own personalized work of art! My method of creation for this is that I take what the friend either is to me, has told me, or what we have went through and through either outside images or our own collections of images create a picture that’s also a momento of the time or moment!


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