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Friendship, I

on 2013/11/22

In my time of self-reflecting, more than anything, I have appreciated the value of friendship, and that it’s a gift that is very strong, binding, and is to be taken fairly seriously. It is a great quality to be and to have a friend, and a great place marker in saying that you have actually lived and functioned in this lifetime! While I am confident that you all know what a friend is, and will thus find this bit kinda sorta boring, I hope that my Friendship Installments won’t be too too boring! Also in all my installments, I will not be naming anyone, so if you are wondering on identities–go ask the people I’m writing about!

I begin this bit with a friend that I pride in telling that I have grown up and went to grade school with. An immediate memory of her is that her name always conjured up birds because of her name also being a type of bird in North America! I know I wasn’t myself growing up, and thus, hadn’t really appreciated the fact that she was always my next door neighbor at every turn (and that we still literally live next to each other!). I was either selfish or simply inappropriate in our early escapades, with once remembering that on going to the local circus, I had gotten my way with riding an elephant instead of riding the camel that she wanted!

We indeed fluttered along our ways in school and in college, but then fate for me brought us back together more than ever at her Graduation Party. I had fractured my ankle that spring into summer, but had still wanted to be part of her momentous time! Her Mom and her, even though it was their day, still went more than out of their ways in accommodating me and it must have been through their good fortunes that I had a successful (but long and frustrating) recovery. Her Mom is truly wonderful and supportive of the both of us, and it is amazing that she has been able to provide for the both of them (and for me as the occasional dinner guest too). Suffice it to say that we have seen more of each other since the Party, and that we have been more than ever able to talk freely about life!

Maybe it just is those childhood friendships that makes the difference of the amount of love that we can show to others, for since then I have been able to live life in an open and refreshing way! We all appreciate nature, so on our walks in the outside air we have been able to enjoy each other’s company, and also for me to learn about local history! We have most of all been able to see each other, for which I have been quite happy with!



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