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Friendship, III

on 2013/12/27

For Friendship, III I will be focusing on nature and things that aren’t human, which has also time and again proven to be as loyal to me as its human counterparts.

Growing up and Living in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, I have come to love nature and have been enjoying it more from my many walks and from taking pictures, and even the coldness that defines the Berkshire Winters doesn’t stop my enjoyment of the beauty that Mother Nature has given us! I love the fact that I get to enjoy 4 Wondrous Seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall/Autumn, and Winter–where I don’t obviously complain about Summer because of the nice heat that comes from it, since I would rather be in heat than in cold!

I love her creatures as well, whether it is petting a dog to hearing birds sing in the trees, they have all made me “belong”! I learned to be strong and courageous from Nature’s ways from temporarily being separated from my group at a New York subway platform as I was just too polite so that someone in my group could go ahead of me! As a result, we both missed the train and hailed a taxi cab and met up with the rest of the crew moments later! Nature has also saved me from death, as I saw the light in a hospital bed as I once recovered from alcohol poisoning, and figured that from then on I had to respect and listen to my body. Even years later when I fractured my ankle, I was grateful to Nature as I was able to exactly know where I was in the woods to get help! The skill of patience that I also learned in academia helped me greatly too with healing, as it did take forever to heal!

Now I am bigger and bolder than ever, and of late, I have been less scared of ice–although I also shouldn’t push my luck as once I thought that I could walk across a small frozen pond!

I am grateful that Nature has been kind to me, just like her human counterpart!



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