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On the theme of “Money”

on 2016/07/14

First Presented at a Story Slam that was hosted by Wordxword at the Whitney Center for the Arts in Pittsfield, Massachusetts on July 10, 2016–and then modified even more afterwards!


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” according to Lao Tse, and I’m sure many others who have paraphrased and uttered this sentiment, and as I am reflecting on the theme of money I can’t help but remember my introduction of being away from home.  Not only was I going to an unfamiliar environment where immense freedom could be had-for it was college and one could drink, smoke, and get a tattoo to no end-but I was also going to be encountering new faces, ideas, and talents.

Of these new encounters six women and eight men from Jordan, four women and three men from India, six women from Belize, and so many more women and men from Cape Verde, Sudan, China, and Brazil entered into my life–along with those that lived in the United States.  Sharing meals and spending evenings listening to tunes from the Ud as well as going to Six Flags encapsulated the joy I felt with my Jordanian and Cape Verdean “Brothers and Sisters” during my first summer at college, and as time went on and learning more about these “cultural ambassadors”, I further was overjoyed.  I would come to learn about the beautiful island nation of Cape Verde as the majority of the campus body also came from there, as well as the reality of daily living in war torn areas.

Things though do have a beginning and an end, so the beginning was meeting these wonderful people–but they too had an ultimate goal of earning their Masters Degrees– and so the end is them accomplishing their missions in getting their Masters in Computer Science, English, Business, and Education and then going home.  My end to this story though is the closeness I felt with these people and the fact of my life becoming richer with being able to laugh, cry, and share in their company.  The Extreme Richness of Friendship began with that single step–and I still plan to walk a thousand more miles with the confidence of us being connected!






4 responses to “On the theme of “Money”

  1. Lurleen Betson -Belize says:

    Aww really touching Maya and you are right, eventhough we are a thousand miles apart we have built a friendship and bond that will forever remain. We have shared meals, gifts and friendship which equates to the lesser monetary value but has thought us that the little we have and share will forever be in the depths of our hearts.

    • Maya Bahl says:

      Most Definitely Lurleen, I don’t want to ever forget the Love You All showed me, and I still have the Beautiful Get Well Card to remind me how Special each day is!

  2. dhanakotirao says:

    Good to know your opinion on friendship.We felt very happy.God bless you to proceed further to live happily,my dear child.

    • Maya Bahl says:

      Thanks so much for your ongoing love and support Aunty and Uncle, it is very much appreciated!

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