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Hoping and Waiting

on 2016/11/15

On a Beautiful Monday Afternoon I am sitting in the public library, an actual book within reach and a cover designed as a book holding my iPad staring back at me.

As usual, my mind is ablaze with thoughts and memories, but these thoughts and memories are in-coherent, and nothing to offer one whose spirits are down nor creative enough in painting a picture.  Turning my head to the left though, I see that the sky has turned darker and the clouds reflecting whatever sunlight would be left of the day.

It is Daylights Savings Time for the winter months in Western Massachusetts, and as a result it gets dark early, and in no time at all it will completely be dark outside.  The stars still shine brightly though, and there has been a full moon in the sky–in fact we are expecting the moon to be its closest to the earth after a long time!

Nature has stood by me in my highest of highs, and my lowest of lows.  Just because it has turned dark early doesn’t mean that I would go with the night, as the night time can be a dark mistress with either the mistress being wrought with evil from the unknown, or perhaps a force filled with adventure and imagination–harnessing the darkness in creative ways!


One response to “Hoping and Waiting

  1. Donna. motta says:

    Love these words!!

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