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A Whole New World

mohammadali / Love Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

From atop a building, a new world appears as two people from different lives come together, sharing only a common heartbeat. As his head is down and hers is facing his, understanding happens.

~~For this week’s Trifextra’s Challenge, the above image was described in 33 words.



I am thankful that there are two spellings to everything, such as color and colour and realize and realise. I am thankful that in this crazy and chaotic world that there are many viewpoints and many roads to the one and same path.

To have such a pedantic knowledge makes me insane, for claiming that one is a specialist in a field does not make them a specialist in everything, let alone that field. Like the complexity of the human body, so too is the way to heal it—you can either heal naturally, or with medication, or with a combination of both with either more or less emphasis on healing naturally. Knowledge changes over time, so the real “learning” one can get is to change with the times, and to not be steadfast in old ways. We have come as creatures of nature, so although we don’t live in the wilderness and with less like most animals, we still need to adapt to our environments so Wallace’s famous words of “survival of the fittest” holds true. Like animals, humans are also smart, but not so smart in adapting to newer situations-new environments! I must say that the above is something I also need to learn, for I am also a human, but I can also confidently say that my skill of adapting has been better than it once was!

Lao Tzu once said “A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving” and I agree with this “acquired” wisdom. We must be open to change- to bend- to adapt to newer ideas and locations, for one does not know everything!


Influenced by Trifecta’s weekly challenge, the word for the week was “pedantic” which describes an unimaginative or pedestrian-like grasp of knowledge.

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