The Writing Mind

Where the Journey Begins!

Why am I here?

As a budding writer, I hope that your time will be put to good use in reading what I have to share with you and the world.  I discovered at 18 that I am able to write creatively, and really enjoyed doing it.  Ever since then, I have built up a writing collection that consists of mainly poems, but also of short stories.  I know that in whatever venture I am in, that writing will be my strength, and so before getting confined to writing professionally and within limits– I thought to go outside the boundaries of conventional writing and to share what is truest to me which is Me living and breathing as a human being!

We all have the potential to be our best, so why not let your true colors out now??!!  Be who you want to be now rather than later, is my message to you, and why I think you should be here!


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