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The Good Men Project is Re-inventing Media on IndieGoGo!

on 2017/07/18

Wanting to be more aware of men and their perspectives, I came across The Good Men Project by surfing the internet, and saw that GMP is truly the place to go in having an impactful conversation about the changing roles of men- and in the 21st century. I was then inspired to improve my own writing and storytelling abilities by being a weekly contributor. 

Its many contributors makes this site have a global reach, and because of there not being a barrier between writer and reader, this site is a "Participatory Media" resource where in depth conversation can happen. The editors of the Good Men Project are very supportive of their community of writers once someone is signed up to be a weekly contributor, and is ready to guide someone along into becoming a better writer. Their depth that also goes behind the material for each of their online classes is incredible! As a fellow community member of writers on Facebook, I am inspired by what I see, as other members share insightful and relevant articles that they have either written for The Good Men Project or elsewhere. We as members are wonderful as well with inspiring each other with what we come across. Along with having supportive and informative online classes, GMP has also recently branched out in creating Social Interest Groups that are live phone calls about difficult topics that people from anywhere in the world can join and get seated around a virtual campfire. 

Now in expanding these Social Interest Groups, The Good Men Project has launched their IndieGoGo campaign to really re-invent media and make the conversation bigger. Helping people process a rapidly changing world with information that can be too much and at the same time conflicting, as well as getting to the heart of a real issue is important at The Good Men Project!  

GMP's enthusiasm of this global conversation through these Social Interest Groups is exciting to me, and I am thrilled in supporting their efforts! I hope that you can join me in supporting this effort too by checking out their campaign at: where sharing and donating to the cause would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your consideration into this campaign!


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